The Breath & The Clay is a grassroots movement hosted by artists for artists and curators of creative living. It began as a way to foster community among local artists of faith, but it quickly grew to attract artists and seekers from around the world. This incredible response shows the value and importance of coming together to encourage each other and explore themes of art, faith and culture. 

We have worked to find the balance of covering our expenses while at the same time keeping ticket prices affordable for everyone.  We have created opportunities to attend through offering student discounts, volunteer opportunities and scholarships.  

In the past, our events have been provided for solely through ticket sales and the generosity of volunteers. However, as these conferences grow, so do the expenses.  This year, we are asking for your partnership and help through financial contribution as we enable artists to walk in the fullness of their callings.  

Your financial support is one significant way to show our artists the value of their work as it will provide honorariums, meals and supplies for guest speakers, worship leaders, and artist contributors.    

The Breath & The Clay, more than any one person’s vision, is a collective movement in which we each have a part to play.  Please join us as we come together to shape lives, communities and cultures through the beauty of God’s creative wonder.

Support the Breath & The Clay