Session One

1.) The Prophetic Imagination: Voices In The Wilderness

Marie Teihard

Art has the distinct ability to bypass rational arguments of the mind, to critique and transform culture through imagery that compels the heart. Through visual and musical forms, art provides insight into the plight of marginalized voices. This lecture will explore the call of artists as prophets. This discussion will explore the prophetic charge and responsibility of artists to speak into culture and usher in the transformation of hearts.

About The Instructor: Marie holds a M.A. in Public Policy & Fine Arts from Carnegie Mellon University and a B.A. in Art History from the University of Chicago. She has also earned a Graduate Certificate in Science - Faith Apologetics from Hope International University. 

2.) Calligraphy And The Power Of The Written Word

Jessica Gatlyn

Explore the art of Calligraphy and letter forms through method, experimental play and technique.  Together we will learn the basics of calligraphy in an easy and inviting way using pen and brush. We will dive into the power of the written word as a form of release, healing, discovery and play. All who attend will receive a pen, a set of nibs and a small bottle of ink to take home to further their pursuit of expression.

About the InstructorJess Gatlyn is a mixed-media artist who runs Bohemian Ink, a modern calligraphy and design company in Charlotte, NC, with a focus on couture stationary design, asemic lettering, art directing, branding and set design. Jess has a constant desire for the organic and unconventional - the sultry hues of ink blots, wild lines and a curious age-worn essence of another time.

3.) Keys To Thriving As Artists And Creative Beings

Luke & Rosemary Skaggs

Proverbs 4:23 says, "Keep your heart with all vigilance, for everything you do flows from it."  Everything we create flows from our hearts, and this class will discuss how we can have thriving hearts as artists and creative beings so that our creativity overflows to others. We will lay the foundation by discussing where our true identity lies as sons and daughters of God as well as what it means to grow deeply rooted in Jesus so that we can bear long-lasting fruit. We will also discuss keys to cultivating and thriving in our creativity, exploring topics such as how to love what we create and how to create confidently, free from pressure, insecurity and comparison.  

About the Instructors:  Luke and Rosemary Skaggs live in Asheboro, NC, where they work for a ministry called A Place for the Heart, led by Jonathan and Melissa Helser. Here they help disciple students to cultivate thriving hearts in the Lord and to live empowered lives by walking in their true identity as sons and daughters of God.  Rosemary teaches pottery classes during discipleship schools and Luke works in the music studio and travels, playing music with various artists. Both are passionate about music, the arts, worship, life, food, family, the Lord and watching people become set free by the love and power of Jesus.

4.) uncap: A Creative Writing Experience

Suzy Wills Yaraei

In this class, students will take a simple yet profound look into the everyday things that cap our creative flow and learn to release the power of keeping a clean and open heart. Suzy will facilitate exercises for a free-flowing, pure, creative release. Poetry and wordsmith exercises to follow. Pen and paper required. 

About the Instructor:  Suzy is a gifted song writer, worship leader, speaker, jazz and pop vocalist, and author. Her CD’s are full of powerful and moving songs, mostly all originals, that have blessed and brought healing people throughout the nations. She is widely known for her gift of spontaneous song. She travels worldwide with her husband, Kamran Yaraei, speaking, teaching and singing.

Prior to this in the 90’s, she sang professionally with Reba McEntire, Wynonna Judd, Alan Jackson, Kathy Mattea and many other successful recording artists out of Nashville, TN. She has appeared on many TV shows such as Johnny Carson, David Letterman, Today Show, Grammies and more. Her major influences are Ella Fitzgerald, her mother, Don Potter and all the people she has ever mentored.

Session Two


5. Discerning God’s Will in a World of Broken Dreams: How to Find Happiness and Human Flourishing in a Capricious World

Ken Wytsma

In this workshop, Ken Wytsma explores the tension of human striving versus submission to God’s will in our understanding of the good life. Along the way, Ken argues for a recovery of the classical notion of happiness and points us to the good, the true, and the beautiful in the pursuit of joy. If you’ve ever struggled to know God’s call on your life or recover from broken dreams and disappointment, this session will be both helpful and inspiring.

About the Instructor: Ken Wytsma - Ken Wytsma is a leader, innovator, and social entrepreneur respected for his insight and collaborative spirit. He is the president of Kilns College, where he teaches courses on philosophy and justice. He is the founder of The Justice Conference—an annual international conference that introduces men and women to a wide range of organizations and conversations relating to biblical justice and God’s call to give our lives away.

6.) Finding Jesus In The Lyric of Our Lives: (Songwriting)

Andrew Ehrenzeller

In this class, singer/songwriter Andrew Ehrenzeller will share about overcoming the seduction of dishonesty and how the enduring songs of our lives are composed when we're honest with ourselves and God in our creativity.

About the Instructor: Andrew Ehrenzeller  The Well

Andrew Ehrenzeller is a passionate worship leader and songwriter who invites others into relationship with the Father through his song and lyrical depth. Stylistically noted as worship with a “prophetic edge,” Andrew leads from the place of being “sheltered” in God, being seen yet still hidden. The nature of his music is rich and complex but not complicated. It’s a new sound but an old cry.

A native of Florida, Andrew has been writing and performing since childhood. He grew up near Cape Canaveral, where men and women were routinely launched into space. Those exploits are clearly reflected in the spirit of Andrew’s music as he invites the listener to get caught up into rarified atmospheres.

Andrew is also married to his beautiful bride and fellow JC artist, Mary Kat Ehrenzeller. They reside in South Florida and are enjoying their newborn, Liam Valor.

7.) The Language of Identity: Your Art inside the Art

Brandon Willett

Finding your distinct voice can be a daunting task. More often than not it feels more akin to a wrestling match than an elegant and noble journey across oceans. Final product should definitely be celebrated, but truth be told we’re not inclined to enjoy that previously mentioned wrestling match all that much - theres alot of thinking and failing and winning and thinking and then more failing. Cultivating a joy for the journey is not a thing we do well.

The reality however, is there's more of YOU in the process than there is in your finished work. Our final piece often times has that "you" we want people to perceive of ourselves - our thoughts and our polished talents. But at closer observation you might find quietly interwoven within your painted layers that distinct individual voice as rare as your own fingerprint. There is where the gold is hidden.

Context and life experience are the two most valuable and undeniable commodities you provide in your work.  How can we operate in full sincerity and unapologetic authenticity?

About the Instructor: A Designer and illustrator by trade, Brandon is the Sr Art Director for the digital ad agency MyJive. By night, he fearlessly directed creative for both America XL, Thundercolor and managed / curated for AKA Creative Gallery all comfortably nestled in Charlotte, NC - where he hangs his hat with his incredibly tolerant wife and four exuberant children.

8.) Creativity in the pursuit of Justice

Jason Fileta

What is the role of art and creativity in pursuing justice? In Scripture we see God's creativity through the miraculous, through mystery, and often as a source of freedom and hope for the oppressed. Jesus taught and inspired people through metaphor. In modern times art and creativity have played a significant role in socials movements from the Civil Rights movement in the U.S. to the struggle to end apartheid in South Africa. In this workshop we'll explore the role of creativity and art in inspiring justice and bringing hope to a broken world.

About The Instructor: Jason Fileta

Jason Fileta grew up in Wheaton, IL, the son of Egyptian immigrants. The plight of the persecuted church in Egypt compelled him to commit his life to fighting for a more just world.  After graduation from Calvin College with a B.A. in Sociology and International Development, he was chosen as a delegate to the G8 Summit in Scotland. The delegates advocated for debt cancellation for impoverished nations, fair trade policies and increased assistance to impoverished nations.  This helped launch his long-term work in advocacy focused on ending extreme poverty.

He is the director of Micah Challenge USA, a Christian movement to end extreme poverty that mobilizes people to challenge attitudes, behaviors and policies that perpetuate injustice.   Jason is the editor and main author of the Live Justly Study that has been used by hundreds of churches across the US and the world. He is also the founder of Lion and Lamb Publishing, which donates half of all profits to organizations advocating for justice.

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