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Let There Be





Materials included in
welcome packets, logo on
website and one ticket

You Will Get

  • Information materials (provided by sponsor) included in attendee welcome packets 

  • Logo on event homepage 

  • One conference registration.




Advertisement in 1 B/C
newsletter, one additional
conference registration.
one pre-roll mention on the
Makers & Mystics podcast

  • All benefits included in the $500 level package 

  • Block advertisement in 1 B/C conference e-newsletter per month (distributed to more than 3,600 subscribers and/or attendees),

  • One additional conference registration. 

  • One 15 second pre-roll mention on the Makers & Mystics podcast

You Will Get




90 second video played at
the event, 5-minute main
stage introduction, green
room access, exhibition table

  • All benefits included in previous packages 

  • Ninety-second video in our pre-roll announcements shown at the event

  • One five-minute opportunity to present about your company/product during  announcements 

  • Verbal recognition from the podium at the opening and closing session

  • Green Room access

  • Exhibition table (6 ft.) to display your organization’s materials 

  • Three 15-second pre-roll mentions on the Makers & Mystics podcast.

You Will Get

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