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a visit from my father

Mary Beth Jones

Growing up, my sister battled cancer. It was the early 2000s and camera phones were not in everyone's back pocket yet. We took pictures through her last few years of life—beach trips, camp, holidays—but I have always regretted not taking more pictures of our everyday life together. What I would give to have more photos of her, of the two of us, of our family. My experiences in life have been marked by deep scars of death and mourning. Death of my sister from an aggressive cancer. Death of a baby inside my body. Death of my father when he took his own life. Grief is a familiar fellow that seems to cast a shadow over me through each stage of life. Photography helps me process both the beauty and pain of the human experience. I capture images of nature and those around me. These images help me see my Creator more clearly as I document the world he so tenderly crafted.

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