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Azul y blanco, let there be unsettledness, nullifying snares

Kristen Filipovich

Sewn Sown

Corey Frey

Wherever You Go, There You Are

Ashley Landreth

Like Palm Groves

Lorena Long

Like a Child

Jacob Daniels

Mission Trip

Brandon Willett

Nine Car Fires

Brandon Willett

On Earth As it is In Heaven

Garrett & Kacie Walker

Unraveled II

Lauren Midgley

Bumper Crop

Lauren Midgley

Life of A Memory

Lindsay Smith

Cotton Root

Jessica Hale


Sarah Mark


Teresa Carter

At the Edges

Steven Homestead


Sheryl Jacobs

St. Joseph with the Infant Christ, the Bright Morning Star

Sarah Hempel Irani

Dorothy, Inside

Rachel York

a visit from my father

Mary Beth Jones

la rêverie

Lissa Watson

Altarpiece after Cranach

Laura Sprague

Many Waters

Kristen Folden


Jacob Michael Goodman

Me Deepening

Kalli Hendrickson


Esther Riehl

Breath Exhaled on Sunrise 10/09/22, 7:58 AM

Cynthia Greig

It Is 5:03pm Somewhere

Cindy Whitaker

Peak A Boo, I See You!

Cindy Whitaker

Eraser Drawing no. 1: Abundance

Brittany Jennings

The Wastes of the Refining Fire

Brittany Jennings

King of the Birds

Ashley Vogler

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