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Cotton Root

Jessica Hale

As an artist, I work in sculptures, paintings, and installations that study the relationship between humanity and other living organisms and how those subjects change as they encounter one another. I am fascinated by the natural world and find that the beauty of it informs and feeds much of my practice. My work is often characterized by themes such as origin, nurture, decay and growth. I find myself drawn to the connection between humanity and the beautiful, ephemeral world we are guests in. As a mother of two young children, my daily practice is softening myself to the small delights of life and paying attention to the vulnerabilities of another. I believe my current work reflects a mind that enjoys the 'insignificant' pleasures such as laying in the sunshine in the grass, and holding a caterpillar in your hand, and watching a seed sprout into a robust plant. You can usually find me barefoot in my garden, babes in tow, finding beauty in everything.

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