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Me Deepening

Kalli Hendrickson

Kalli Hendrickson (MKHart) is a mixed-media artist and writer living and working in Cardiff, CA. She grew up engaging daily with the beauty of the mountains of Montana. After graduating with two degrees from Montana State University and showing her work at various Bozeman art venues, she moved to Australia. While living “down under”, she taught art classes, started a business, and helped creatives process life utilizing workshops with artists and churches in the area. Over the last decade, she has been mentoring a new generation of artists through art education.

Today, Kalli is continuing to teach and mentor in the area of arts education. She has an affinity for the ocean, and a good coffee, both affections developed during her time abroad.

“My paintings are an exploration of universal themes, and my own reflections within them. We all yearn to share our understanding of the world: the places we’ve lived, the people and cultures we’ve encountered, and the beautiful marks these moments leave on our hearts. These memory snapshots have meaning to me in my everyday life. I work with different images within these memories that become symbols around a concept. It’s common for me to create two or three works around a specific theme as part of probing into my reflections. Theme examples include: transition, blooming, and becoming more deeply rooted in my life. There are extraordinary discoveries to be made through the creative process, and each painting captivates me, revealing insight into my spirit that transcends the spaces we all find ourselves in from time to time. My hope is that my viewers will relate with my work, encounter the theme, and feel inspired.”

Today, Kalli’s love for the ocean is evident in her work. She references it often as a symbol that mirrors the depths of the heart. Utilizing color, light, and textured brush strokes, her work evokes a sense of wonder while exploring the connection between the wild and ethereal world she paints and the deep essence of our existence as human beings.

Kalli’s work has been shown Nationally and Internationally in various locations, including Bozeman, Montana, Cortiano, Italy, and Brisbane, Australia.

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