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St. Joseph with the Infant Christ, the Bright Morning Star

Sarah Hempel Irani

I craft narratives of significance through clay, bronze, and stone, reimagining the traditional imagery of war monuments to honor women, peacemakers, and innovators. Drawing from the resilience of individuals who have shaped history, my work echoes the collective human experience and acknowledges the depths of sorrow. Using live models, I mold clay around metal armatures, using traditional techniques to shape and refine each piece. This tactile process embodies the essence of creation, as my hands translate the human form into clay. The final stages entail sending the piece to a foundry for bronze casting or to a marble studio in Pietrasanta, Italy for carving, where skilled artisans bring my vision to life. Through this labor-intensive journey, I strive to capture the essence of humanity and pay homage to those who have paved the way towards a more just world.

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