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Turtledoves is the musical collaboration of Alex and Ashley McGrath. Exploring the balance between lo-fi electronics and acoustic instruments, the husband/wife duo creates harmonically rich soundscapes consisting of labyrinthine melodies, ambient textures, and layered vocals.
Their music has been described as “heartbreaking and healing,” and weaves a tapestry of sound evoking melancholic reflection and transcendent hope.

Alex and Ashley began collaborating thirteen years ago in the seven-piece, space-folk ensemble, The Soil & the Sun. Since that time, their rich lineage of creative partnership has evolved into a distinct sound reflecting the depth of their musical and artistic connection.

Turtledoves recently transformed their living room into a canopy of blankets where they recorded twin EPs “Secret Weapon" and “Two Dreams”, released in 2023. Currently, Alex and Ashley are moving back to their homeland of Ann Arbor Michigan where they will be working on a full-length to be released in 2024.

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